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Inpatient Forms

Here is our New Patient intake form. Please try to fill these out on a computer or tablet. Remember to hold down Right Click in order to sign at the bottom.

In addition here are a few forms that you will be asked to sign when you get into the office. If you would like to fill them out before hand and print them out it will save you a few minutes, however it is not required.

Texas Online Resources

Online Resources

acaThe American Chiropractic Association (ACA), based in Arlington, Va., is the largest professional association in the world representing doctors of chiropractic. The ACA also contributes to the health and well-being of millions of chiropractic patients.



icpaICPA is a GREAT source for parents to learn about the benefits of pediatric chiropractic care. Please take a look at the research articles and educate yourself. I always say that parents are their children’s biggest health advocates, so inform yourself on why chiropractic is ESSENTIAL for your kids!


nvicThe National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a national charitable, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. NVIC launched the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America in the early 1980’s and is the oldest and largest consumer led organization advocating for the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the public health system.


vacinfoPROVE provides information on vaccines, and the immunization policies and practices that affect the children and adults of Texas. Our mission is to prevent vaccine injury and death and to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families.


mercolaDr. Mercola has made significant milestones in his mission to bring people practical solutions to their health problems. A New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Mercola was also voted the 2009 Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by the Huffington Post, and has been featured in TIME magazine, LA Times, CNN, Fox News, ABC News, Today Show, CBS’s Washington Unplugged with Sharyl Attkisson, and other major media resources.